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If you have received a notice that your debt has been transferred to SIA GelvoraSergel, contact the debt recovery specialist indicated in the letter as soon as possible to find a solution through a constructive dialogue.

The policy of debt recovery of SIA GelvoraSergel is aimed at cooperation and understanding in order to effectively implement the recovery of debts by extrajudicial proceedings, paying particular attention to responsive and fair attitude to the debtor. SIA GelvoraSergel services debtors providing each debtor with a debt

recovery specialist and an individual approach to find the best solutions for the successful fulfillment of obligations, providing consultations, developing flexible payment schedules, and ensuring other assistance, if required.


What are the benefits of solving problems through negotiations?

It is important to note that the obligations will have to be fulfilled in any case. In case of extrajudicial recovery of debts, the debtor pays only the amount of debt provided in the contract (the principal amount of debt and/or penalty, and/or interest for the late payment, and/or losses). In case of judicial recovery of debts, the debtor pays not only the amount of debt, but also the expenses of legal 

proceedings and the law enforcement fee; moreover, the credit history of the debtor gets heavily damaged as a result. It should be noted that the debt recovery may be compulsory by seizing property and/or blocking bank accounts, and/or withholding funds from the salary or pension of the debtor.